The individuals listed below offer fee-based private tutoring services after hours. Parents seeking a tutor for their child may contact anyone listed in the chart to negotiate tutoring services. Tutoring is not offered in conjunction with school instructional services and cannot take place on school grounds; we are listing the information here solely for your convenience in locating a tutor. 

NameTutoring GradesTutoring SubjectsEmailPhone
Alesia GibsonK-8English Language Arts and Readingagibson@ware.k12.ga.us912-550-1296
Amanda HaleyK-5All subjectsahaley@ware.k12.ga.us912-288-2966
Ann GuessK-1All subjectsaguess@ware.k12.ga.us
April OguduguK-12All subjects K-8, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2aogudugu@ware.k12.ga.us
Christopher Lawson6-12English (6-12) and Social Studies (6-8)850-849-9437
Crissy Denney6-126th grade math through Pre-calculuscdenney@ware.k12.ga.us
Dana LucasK-5Math, Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, and Readingdlucas@ware.k12.ga.us912-614-1653
Jessica Carter6-12English Language Arts, Reading, and Writingjjcarter@ware.k12.ga.us912-337-6329
Joshua Riggs3-8Math and Social Studiesjriggs@ware.k12.ga.us912-337-1350
Marah SmithK-5Math, Reading, English Language Arts, and Sciencemarah.smith@ware.k12.ga.us912-282-9717
Michelle KellumK-5Reading, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies; Math (K-3)mkellum@ware.k12.ga.us912-614-8799
Robbin WaltersK-5All subjectsrwalters@ware.k12.ga.us912-816-6090
Ryan Morgan6-12US History, World History, Economics, Georgia Studies, American Government, English Language Artsryan.morgan@ware.k12.ga.us912-590-7502