Ware County School District

Department of Special Education

          System-level Goals

¨Increase graduation rate for students with disabilities and decrease the achievement gap between SWD and non-SWD.

¨Increase access to assistive technology.

¨Increase access to social-emotional, behavioral, and mental health supports.

Challenging Every Student Every day

All children, regardless of ability level, talents, and skills, has the “right” to struggle every day at school. This may be in opposition to the way most individuals perceive special education. For too long, special education has coddled children, so students were in school but were placed in classrooms where expectations for learning were not high. In our district, we recognize that learning is not always something easily accomplished. For students to achieve their best, whether it be in academics, athletics, or the arts, students and teachers must work hard. We are always pushing forward to the next level of excellence.

Ensuring FAPE for Every Student

¨ Teachers continuously monitor the student’s progress

¨ When an annual goal is achieved early in the school year, the IEP team should meet to discuss revising the goals so progress can continue

¨ Goals are based on current and comprehensive data

¨ IEP Teams  write annual IEP goals that are appropriate and measurable

¨ IEP Teams do not recycle or reuse old information for the PLAAFP and IEP goals

¨ Grades and advancement from grade to grade are not viewed as the sole evidence of FAPE or educational progress