The Ware County Schools Board of Education recognizes that professional learning is an essential part of fulfilling our mission and serving the needs of teachers and students throughout Ware County. The Board believes that the purpose of a professional learning program is the provision of:

  1. Opportunities for school personnel to improve and/or expand their knowledge and skills;
  2. Opportunities for school staff to study ways of improving teaching and learning through the use of data analysis; and
  3. Opportunities for the district and schools to identify strategies and methods which will improve instructional effectiveness and student growth.

Professional Learning is a key component in improving school and district performance by providing all staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to create and support high levels of student learning through professional learning that is research-based, aligned with the academic standards, best practices for instruction, and which are designed to meet the learning goals of students. 

ALL registration for In-System Professional Learning is handled online through the Capitol Impact system.

Staff must register for a class in order for their participation in the class to appear on their professional learning transcript.

Capitol Impact is open only to active Ware County School employees. If assistance is needed, please contact your School Level Professional Learning Coordinator or the District Professional Learning Coordinator, Dr. Reginna Germano, at rgermano@ware.k12.ga.us.

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