Professional Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I still have to obtain a signed prior approval form before attending Out-of-District professional learning activities?
Prior Approval forms for out-of district PLUs/CEUs that you want credit granted for by Ware County will still be required. For example, an out-of-district conference or workshop where the organization doing the presenting will NOT be issuing PLU credits. (Ask for a green Prior Approval form from your school’s PL Coordinator).

Remember: Prior Approval Forms MUST be signed by Dr. Carolina Faust, Ware County Professional Learning Specialist, BEFORE the training.

2. How do I submit my paperwork for Out-of-District activities completed where the provider has issued the credit(s)?
When you receive credit by an approved provider out-of-district please send the completed paperwork to the Professional Learning office. This information will be hand-entered into your professional learning record.

3. What about activities/trainings that I participate in through our local RESA? How will I be given Professional Learning credit?
AUTOMATICALLY!!! This is one of the great features about our Capital Impact program—it is compatible with Okefenokee RESA’s professional learning software and the information regarding participation will automatically be posted to individuals in our database.

4. How will credit be given for in-district Professional Learning activities?
Participants will be required to register for all in-district activities/training. The registration will be forwarded to the individual Principal for approval before coming to the Professional Learning Specialist. After approval from the Professional Learning Specialist the participant will receive an email stating confirmation. Sign-in sheets will be compared to class registration lists in order to issue PLUs for coursework.

Additionally, for in-district Professional Learning activities, the Principal and Site PL Coordinator will still continue to create and process white Prior Approval forms for courses offered in-district (either systemwide or school-based). The white form must be on file in the Professional Learning office for your school’s staff to be granted PL credits. Sign-in sheets for all school-based sessions must be provided to the Professional Learning office upon completion of the training in order for credits to be issued.

5. Can I print a formal transcript to use for recertification or transfer to another county?
You can view your formal transcript through Capitol Impact, however, your transcript is NOT official without the signature of the Professional Learning Specialist who will verify and certify the accuracy.