Ware County Learning Center Dress Code

It is the intent of the W.C. Learning Center for students to be dressed and groomed in an appropriate manner that will not interfere with, or detract from, the educational process. The dress code, in line with both middle school policies, is strictly enforced to promote safety, improve discipline, and enhance the learning environment.

Beginning with their first day of attendance, all students assigned to the Ware County Learning Center through the hearing process or a waiver is required to conform to the specific dress code outlined below. This applies to both males and females.

All students must wear a pullover shirt with a collar and black or khaki pants with a plain leather belt. No leans or "Dickies" pants with Cargo pockets are allowed. A white, short-sleeved T-shirt must be worn as an undergarment. No writing or insignia is allowed on shirt or undershirt. Black or khaki pants and shirts can be purchased inexpensively at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Dollar General, Belk, J.C. Penny, etc. Other uniform code rules are:

  • Students must keep their shirts tucked in at all times while on the school campus.
  • Pants must be worn above the hipbones and fit in the waist area.
  • Shoelaces must be visible and tied; Velcro straps must be fastened. 
  • No jewelry is allowed. (If worn, parents will be required to pick up items.)
  • Jackets and hoods may not be worn in class.

Examples of unacceptable items or appearance: Bulky chains or lanyards, sagging pants, nylon pants, large belt buckles, bandannas or hats, head or wrist bands, sunglasses, slashed eyebrows, flip flops, perfume or cosmetics carried to school

  • Boys' shirts must be tucked in.
  • All pants should fit at the waist.
  • 'Bag and sag" is not allowed. This means no oversized pockets, oversized stride or oversized legs on pants, and no shirts hanging over the waist.
  • Shorts and skirts should be no more than three inches above the knee.

The following items are not permitted:

  • Sleeveless shirts, tank tops, halters, strapless tops
  • Shirts with spaghetti straps
  • Shirts with slits, holes, or sections cut out
  • Sheer (see-thru) shirts
  • Low cut/revealing blouses
  • Shirts that reveal the midriff when arms are raised
  • Clothing that advertises alcohol beverages, weapons, tobacco, drugs, or gang related colors/symbols
  • Large chain jewelry or any jewelry that has drug or gang-related symbols.
  • Bandannas, Hats, Caps, kerchiefs or any other headgear
  • Sunglasses, dark lens glasses (exception: Dr.'s prescription/note) 
  • Clothing with suggestive/sexual remarks and/or innuendos
  • Jeans/pants with holes located above the knee
  • Bedroom shoes/House slippers, any distracting hair color or haircut Any distracting facial make-up or tattoos (if a student has a tattoo, it must be covered), Any body piercings other than ears

Procedure for not following dress code:

If a student violates the uniform or dress code, parents will be contacted. Parents may choose to either

  1. Change into clothes that will comply with the dress code
  2. Wait in the ISS room until problem is corrected. The student will call home for someone to deliver to the school the appropriate attire for the student (unexcused absence from class while waiting in ISS).
  3. Check out to go home to change into attire that will comply with the dress code (unexcused absence).
  4. In the case of jewelry, the first time the policy is violated, parents will be called and they may pick up the jewelry or it will be put in an envelope for safe-keeping until the end of the day.

Repeated dress code violations will result in suspension.

Dressing for success makes a student feel good about themselves and having uniformity allows for a decrease in misbehavior.

-Mr. Herrin