Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE)  is preparing Ware County's students for their next step after high school----college, beginning a career, registered apprenticeships, or the military. Ware County High School offers 14 different pathways to prepare students for what is beyond high school graduation.

Our CTAE teachers build partnerships with industry and higher education to ensure students have the skills they need to thrive in the future workforce. Through CTAE, students discover the relevance of education and are given the opportunity to apply academic knowledge through hands-on learning activities in state-of-the-art facilities that meet the industry standards for each pathway area. In addition to the programs at Ware County High School, both middle schools in Ware County offer CTAE connections classes that expose
younger students to the many career opportunities that are available.

We hope that you will take some time to explore the many ways that our system's CTAE programs are "making education work"!


Lynn Barber, Ed.D.
Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education Director

Ware County School System

CTSO's are co-curricular organizations with leadership programs and competitive events which reflect current curriculum standards and competencies for the instructional programs they serve. Teachers infuse the CTSO's activities into the instructional activities, thereby helping students see the real world value of their academic studies. CTSO's are not clubs, but are organizations for the students enrolled in CTAE pathways. Our CTSO's have achieved great success on the local, regional, state, and national levels. Ware
County High School offers the following CTSO's in conjunction with their school career pathways:

Agricultural Pathways: National FFA Organization (FFA)

Business Education Pathways: Future Business Leaders
of America (FBLA)
Ware County FBLA Website

Culinary and Education Pathways: Family, Career, and
Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

Engineering Pathway: Technology Student Association

Healthcare Pathways: HOSA--Future Health Professionals

Law and Welding Pathways: Skills USA

Marketing Pathway: DECA

Agriculture Mechanics SystemsVideo
Agriscience SystemsInformation BrochureVideo
Business & TechnologyInformation Brochure
Culinary ArtsInformation BrochureVideo
Early Childhood Care & EducationInformation Brochure
Engineering & TechnologyVideo
Forestry/Wildlife SystemsInformation BrochureVideo
Horticulture & Animal SystemsInformation BrochureVideo
Law Enforcement / Forensic ScienceInformation Brochure
Marketing & ManagementInformation Brochure
Plant & Lanscape Systems
Therapeutic Services - Allied Health & MedicineInformation Brochure
Therapeutic Services - Patient CareInformation BrochureVideo
WeldingInformation Brochure

Faculty MemberPathway
Kim Bennett Callahan:  B.B.A, Ed.SWork-Based Learning, Youth Apprenticeship
Ryan Deal: CWIWelding
Jay Bennett: M.EdAgricultural Education
Holland Brown:  B.S. METEngineering and Technology
Lauren Carter: B.B.A, M.A.TBusiness and Technology
Alex Chism: Agriculture Education
Eric Hickox:  B.S.Agriculture Education
Jennifer Johnson: B.A.Culinary Arts
Katie Collins: RNTherapeutic Services - Patient Care
Whitney Kilmark: M.A.T, M.EdMarketing, Business Technology
Pam Prevatt: RN, M.EdTherapeutic Services - Allied Health
David Rowland: BS, MSBusiness and Technology
Mandy Lee: RRT, M.EdTherapeutic Services - Allied Health
Kelly Thrift: A.S., M.EdLaw Enforcement/Forensic Science
Colleen Lagoueyte: B.A, M.Ed, Ed.S.Early Childhood Care and Education
Angela Wasdin: Business and Technology

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