School Year Planning January-May 2019 2018/2019



Other Information
January Parent Conference Week Review week (letters Ff, Zz)

Sight words: it, here, the

Book 5 - Stories and Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes-culture (letters Ff, Zz)

Sight Words: red, yellow, green, blue

Traditional Fairy Tales-traditional/Winter (letters Hh, Qq)

Sight words: orange, black, brown, white

Traditional Fairy Tales-traditional (letters Ss, Mm)

Sight Words: pink, gray, purple

Jan 9- Begin PBIS points Jan 14 Computers for Education
Jan 18-Yearbook sales $20 ends – now will be $25
 Jan 18- Reflective Journal

Jan 18- Martin Luther King Celebration in pods

Jan 18-31 Parent Conferences

Jan 21-No School MLK JR Holiday

Jan 22 Papa John’s

Doughnut Sales- Jan 28

Jan 29-30 Pre-k Registration

February Fairytales – Magic (letters Tt, Rr) Sight Words: zero, one, two Ballads, Folktales, Fables – exaggerate (letter Aa)

Sight Words: three, four, five

Zoo Animals – zoology/ Review (letters Bb, Ff)

Sight Words: six, seven, love

Zoo Animals Continued – zoology(letters Bb, Ff)

Sight Words: eight, nine, ten

Feb 1- Reflective Journal
Feb 1- Class pictures and cap and gown pictures
Feb 15- early release

Feb 15- Reflective Journal

Feb 18 & 19- Holiday/President’s day

March Book 6 - I Build! I Create! Construction Terms – geometric (letters Jj, Hh, Kk) Sight Words: end, from, into

Tool and Machinery – machinery/ Swamp (letter Ii)

Sight Words: not, good, down

I Can Build – construct/ Swamp (Review letters and letter sounds)

What, new out

I Can Create – inspiration

(letters Nn, Pp)

under, when, who

March 1- Reflective Journal March 4- Mr. Eames March 7- Construction Day (tentative)

March 15- End of the 9 Weeks

March 15- PBIS Ice Cream Party

March 15- Reflective Journal

March 19-30- conferences (tentative)

Mar 19 - Papa John’s

March 28- Coke sales start

Mar 29- Early Release

March 29-Reflective Journal

April 1-5 Spring Break Spring BREAK April 1-5
April Book 7 – Things that Move I Move – (letters Gg, Vv, Bb) Travel – adventure (letters Dd, Zz)

Transportation – aerodynamic (letter Oo)

April 10-11 EIP Screening with Kinder. teachers
April 17- Papa Johns
April 18th Shrek Play

April 19- Reflective Journal

April 19- Hop a Trunk

May Mysterious Movers – mysterious (letter Ww, Cc, Kk, Ch)Book 8 – AnimalsFarm Animals – agriculture (letters Ll, Yy)
Bugs – entomology (letter Ee) Review sounds
More bugs – metamorphosis
(letter Uu)
May 2 & 3 Field Day
May 3-Reflective Journal

May 7- Parents pick up gowns- 2:30-4:30pm
May 10- Jacksonville Zoo Field Trip
May 11- End of the 9 Weeks
May 13 Kindergarten Transition
End of year parent meetings start- May 14-25
May 15- Papa Johns
May 16 & 17- Graduation-
May 17-Reflective Journal
May 17-PBIS Shaved Ice
May-21, 22, 23 End of year party
May 21-25- End of year parent meetings wrap up this week
May 23 & 24 Early Release