D.A.F.F.O.D.I.L. Pre-K school hours for children are from 7:30 AM-2:00 PM. The car rider area is open in the front of the school from 7:05 AM until 7:25 AM. The teachers' work day is from 7:00 AM-3:00 PM. Children who arrive between 7:05- 7:25am are sent to the lunchroom, so that the teachers can get prepared for the day. Students will go to the classroom at 7:25am. 

Parents who bring their child/children to school after 7:30 am. must walk their child/ children into the classroom after receiving the late pass.

Special Note: For the first and last weeks of school, parents will be allowed to walk their child/children to the classroom in the mornings while the children are making adjustments. After this time, parents need to drop their child/children off in the car rider line. This will help establish a routine and assist with the safety of your child.

Please call the front office for any bus/car changes by 11:30 am. If a note is not sent or a phone call is not made, the change will not occur. Please do not ask your child to tell the teacher. 

Parents who come to pick up their child/children before 2:00pm must go to the front office to be checked out. 

Parents of children who are car riders in the afternoon MUST have their child's Car TAG visible in window or you will be asked to park and show identification.

Special Note: Teachers will bring the students to the front and staff members will put them into cars to go home. There will also be a line for parents who walk up to get their child. Please make sure you have the child’s car tag or you will be asked to go to the front office to show identification.