First Grade Parent Night


           Parents are invited to attend a “Parent Night especially designed for First Grade parents. You will learn about the First Grade Curriculum and how you can help your child become a stronger student.

          There will also be a “Make and Take” time for you to make a

fun learning activity for your child.


                   Date: December 5, 2006


                   Time: 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.


                   Place: Room 411, Center Elementary


        Sponsored by the Center Elementary Title I Department



** If you have any questions call Mrs. McGee (287-2366)


** Childcare for Center Elementary students will be provided


Please complete the following information and return it with your child to school tomorrow.


____ Yes, I will be there!


My Child’s name: ______________________________________


My Child’s teacher: _____________________________________


My Name: ____________________________________________