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  Ware County School System  
    Waresboro Elementary  
Dr. Jenny Barnes, Principal
Gloria Fussell, Instructional Coach
3379 West Church Street Waycross, GA  31503
Phone:  912-287-2393
Fax:  912-287-2395
Enjoy your summer!  Stay safe!
Waresboro Elementary School Supply List 2014-15

Home of the Eagles

The motto at Waresboro Elementary School is "Where Everybody is Somebody Special." Located in the community of Waresboro about five miles from the county seat, students attending Waresboro Elementary come from Waycross, Waresboro, and the farming communities of Millwood, Telmore, and Bickley. 

Eagle News

Eagle News Team 2012-2013--Emily Hardee, Trevor Morehouse, Destinee Richards, and Jasmine White

We love Mattie!

 Show your support for Mattie by collecting pop tabs from aluminum cans and sending them to the school.  They will be sent to a recycling center which in turn will send a check in Mattie's honor to the Ronald McDonald House Charity in Jacksonville, FL. 

******* Thanks in advance from TEAM MATTIE! ******* 

Mark your calendars:


August 1 - Open House

August 5 - First Day of School


Going for the Gold at Waresboro!



Bell schedule: First bell:  7:35    Tardy bell:  7:40   Dismissal:  2:30


Title I - Parent Involvement

       Waresboro's Academic Awards 2011-2012  

2013 Young Georgia Author winners

Kindergarten--Charlacia Jones--Ms. Tisby's class

1st grade--Kaleigh Joiner--Mrs. Goble's class

2nd grade--Erin Meeks--Mrs. Carter's class

3rd grade--Emma Thomas--Mrs. Rouse's class

4th grade--Logan Crawford--Mrs. James' class and System winner!

5th grade--Owen Lee--Mrs. Sanders' class


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    Hey, parents!  Check out these great sites for CRCT practice:


OAS LogoOnline Assessment System

Logon ID:  to be sent home

Password:  student

Until your childís teacher sends the Logon ID home, you can use the following information to log onto the program.

To see Student Tests
for this grade

Use this

Use this


1st grade



2nd grade



3rd grade



4th grade



5th grade



 Another great tool for CRCT skillsÖ..

Study Island

Username:  childís student number + w

Password:  child's student number


   Example for John Doe whose student number is 12345:

    Username:  12345w

    Password:  12345

Renaissance Place Home Connect

 Accelerated Reader, Math Facts in a Flash



Gives parents and students the ability to

       view and monitor student information and progress

       setup email notifications

       search for the next AR book to read

       receive extra practice on math facts

 Student login and password needed.




     Help our school! 
Collect and send Box Tops for Education and Campbell's Labels for Education.

Box Top Winners 2nd 9 weeks 2012-2013

 2nd grade - Mrs. Arnold

4th grade - Mrs. Thrift

Box Top Winners 3rd 9 weeks 2012-2013

2nd grade - Mr. Thomas

4th grade - Mrs. Thrift

Box Top Winners 4th 9 weeks 2012-2013

 1st grade - Mrs. Roberts

4th grade - Mrs. Thrift

Mrs. Thrift's 4th grade won all 4 nine weeks!  Way to go!




Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Supply Lists


1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade  5th Grade

Vision, Mission, and Beliefs

Our vision at Waresboro Elementary School is to enable all students to excel academically, socially, and emotionally. 
The mission of the Waresboro faculty and staff is to provide a safe, caring, learning environment in which all students achieve and no child is left behind.  Each student will be led to meet or exceed his or her own potential. 
 Compassion, Loyalty, Perseverance, Honesty, Responsibility, and Respect. 
  • Effectively collaborate to identify students' strengths, weaknesses, and needs. 
  • Develop positive working partnerships with all stakeholders who are involved in the education of each child.  (students, parents, community, teachers, and staff)
  • Ensure that students make yearly gains on mandated state and system-wide assessments. 
  • Effectively research and utilize areas of instruction that we can improve or expand upon to enrich student learning. 
Extracurricular Activities
Waresboro students participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. The team members and their coaches are responsible for bringing first place recognition for Waresboro in all areas.
  Academic Quiz Bowl Team meets after school from early fall into the spring. They usually participate in three to five competitions per year.
Georgia Quiz Bowl Team members begin meeting after school in early fall and participate in a number of competitions.
Students in grades K-5 participate in the Georgia Young Authorís Contest each year. 
Our 5th and 4th grade students are encouraged to participate in the Social Science Fair and the Science Fair.
Our 4th and 5th grade students participate in the annual Spelling Bee at both school level and system level.
Waresboro's Own
Accelerated Reader Program
The Accelerated Reader program (AR) is a computerized reading management program which tests a student on his or her reading comprehension. A student reads an AR book then takes a short quiz on the computer either in the classroom or the media center. Both the student and the teacher get immediate individualized feedback on the studentís reading practice.
The program uses a STAR test to determine the level each student can successfully read independently. Students are assessed four times a year in order to pinpoint the appropriate level of reading challenge for each student.
At Waresboro our goal is for every student to read at least 25 books on his or her own level. Waresboro teachers help the students meet classroom and individual goals to encourage reading for enjoyment and meaning. The media center has become the heart of the school as students read two, three, or four times more than ever before!
Each year our second grade students are exposed to the fundamentals of swimming. They visit the YMCA daily for one week out of the year, and learn to swim in their Olympic size pool! This is a highly anticipated event.
Tutor/Mentor Program
Parents, retired teachers, community volunteers, and the Business Partners in Education are participants in an active tutoring/mentoring program at Waresboro. The tutors help students with the AR program and other academic assignments. The tutorís role also takes on that of mentoring as the tutor becomes a significant part in a studentís life. Many times these tutors provide the only chance a student has to practice his or her reading with an adult in a one-on-one setting. The tutors/mentors are lauded for the volunteer hours they give to the students.
Volunteer Program
Our volunteer program is made up of parents, grandparents, and members of the community. They volunteer their time and efforts at Waresboro early in the school year. These invaluable volunteers assist teachers, administrators, and students by helping with copy machines, a child needing to make up missed work, helping in the library, and many other similar tasks. Many thanks goes to their untiring participation.
Computer Lab
Our computer labs are equipped with Windows XP computers.  Students are able to go the lab as a class on a daily basis. They have opportunities to interact with many academic software programs that promote academic success. 
Character Education
All students and teachers take part in the county-wide Character Education program. In order to foster admirable characteristics, the teachers choose one student from their homeroom each week who exhibits the character trait of the word of the week. Those studentsí names and pictures go on our character bulletin board in the lunchroom. The students also spend ten minutes every morning involved in a teacher-led activity to learn about the word of the week.
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