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Ms. Crystal Bussey, Student Services/Community Relations & Human Resources
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Online Graduate Degree Programs in Georgia
A number of University System institutions now offer online graduate teacher education degree programs in a variety of subject areas.  These programs are offered fully online (no on-campus attendance required), making it convenient for teachers and other working professionals.  Valdosta State, Georgia State, Columbus State, Georgia Southern, West Georgia, and UGA offer these programs.  For more info, click the Online Graduate Degree Programs in Georgia link above
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Ware County BOE Exit Interview Survey

Please complete this survey if you are leaving the system and return to Mrs. Crystal Bussey.  All responses will remain anonymous.

Ware BOE Fingerprinting Information
Ware County School System uses the E-Verify Employment Eligibility Verification system.  We began implementing E-verify on July 18, 2007.  Our federal User Identification Number is 47541.
Certified Job Vacancies
  We use this teachgeorgia link for all teaching and administrative position postings.
Steps to Applying for a Substitute Teaching Position in Ware County Schools
Enrollment for Substitute Teacher Workshop
Ware County Online Job Center for Classified Positions
  We use this site for all other positions, such as paraprofessionals, School Nutrition, clerical, maintenance, and transportation position postings.  
         ONLINE JOB CENTER GENERAL INFORMATION:  After you log on to the site, you will create a user account….this is NOT your application.  After you create your user account, you have to select an ACTIVE job posting and click on APPLY.  Then the application will come up.  Make sure to click SAVE every few minutes to safeguard your information.  After you complete your application, click SUBMIT and then you will have applied.  Each job has its own documentation requirements.  Please send all requested supporting documentation, such as letters of reference, high school and college transcripts to:  Attn: Crystal Bussey, Ware County Board of Education, 1301 Bailey Street, Waycross, GA  31501.  You only need to send your documents one time.  
Procedures for Application


 E-Verify is an Internet-based system operated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with the Social Security Administration.  E-Verify works by electronically comparing the information on  an employer's I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification (referred to hereafter as Form I-9) with SSA and DHS records to verify the identity and employment eligibility of each newly hired employee and/or employee assigned to a covered federal contract.

Employment Verification, Reference and Tax Forms
Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification     
Georgia Certification Information
GACE Testing Website for Teachers and Paraprofessionals
         GACE Computer Online Testing Information
Recruitment Schedule
Certified State Salary and Local Teacher Supplement Schedules
Employee Benefits
Teacher Loan Forgiveness
Employee Assistance Program
Teacher Certification Forms To Add or Change Teaching Certificate Information (PSC)
Administrative Assistance
About the Department
The Ware County Schools Personnel Office believes that it has the responsibility to recruit and select the most competent, highly qualified and best trained individuals for employment in the school system.  Securing quality candidates is of utmost importance in meeting system goals toward excellence in instructional programs.
The Personnel Department strives to also meet the needs of its current employees and the job-seeking public.  The department's functions are many and varied in an attempt to provide a centralized processing of vacancy listings, applications, substitute teachers' certification, contracts, and many related services.  If you desire further information or an application, contact the Director of Human Resources or her secretary.
Job Vacancies - Certified
All certified positions are posted on  To view certified vacancies and to apply by clicking here.
Paper copies of Job Vacancies are distributed to all Ware County Schools as well as to the Ware County Transportation Department.  Copies of Job Vacancies are also posted outside the Personnel Office in the Ware County Board of Education at 1301 Bailey Street in Waycross, GA.
Waycross is a rural 36,000 member community nestled about one hour from the beaches of Jekyll, St. Simons and the Golden Isles and a little over an hour from Jacksonville, Florida...its beaches, shopping, and the Jaguars.
Click here to find your directions to the Ware County Board of Education at 1301 Bailey Street Waycross, GA 31503.
Recruitment Schedule
The 2011-2012 Recruitment Schedule* 
To Be Announced
 Other days may be added based on number of openings and/or areas of need.   
The Ware County Schools Personnel Department routinely recruits at several university sites:  Look for our system representative(s).
The Ware County Schools will also hold its annual Teacher Recruitment Fair on TBD at the Board of Education office located at 1301 Bailey Street, Waycross, Georgia from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  Pre-registration is not required; however applicants are encouraged to have a current application on file.  Principals will be given copies of interviewees' applications when they are available.
Procedures for Certified Application

All certified applicants are requested to fill out an online application form by going to  for current vacancy openings. By submitting this application electronically, your signature is implied and it is understood than any misstatement or omission of any information requested may be reason for non-employment or discharge from employment.
After completing your application, you need to complete your application file which will consists of:
·         Three (3) reference forms (link below) (or college placement file with three references for those without teacher experience)
·         Official copy of college transcripts
·         Other items such as TCT/PRAXIS or GACE scores, current evaluations, Teaching Certificate, etc. as appropriate.
·         Federal and State Recordkeeping Form (link below)
Administrators will contact those individuals selected for interviews. 
The accuracy and completeness with which all forms are filled out will be factors in the consideration of your application.

NOTE:  Many of the files on this site are in Adobe® Portable Document File (.pdf) format.  You must have this software properly installed on your system to use these files.  If you do not have this software, click here to download a free copy.  If you require technical assistance, please see

Reference Forms
If you do not have a college placement file or letters of recommendation, to finalize your application file, please print three (3) copies of the blank Applicant Reference Check Form.  Using black pen or typewriter, fill in the top portion of each form and mail one to each person who will serve as a reference for you (you must submit three references to complete your file).  The person who completes the form should mail it directly to the Personnel Department at 1301 Bailey Street, Waycross, GA; 31501.
Experience Verification Form
In order to determine your placement on the salary schedule you need to send a copy of the Experience Verification Form to each of the school systems for which you worked.  Each agency will need to return it to the address on the form.
Federal and State Recordkeeping Form
To finalize your application file, please print one (1) copy of the blank Federal & State Recordkeeping Form.  Using black pen or typewriter, fully complete the form, sign the form in the presence of a Notary Public and forward the completed form to the Personnel Department.
Applications received are kept in an active status for a period of one year. It is the responsibility of the applicant to update the application on a yearly basis by coming by the office or by submitting a letter/e-mail requesting the application be kept in an active status.
The Personnel Office makes every effort to acknowledge in writing/e-mail receipt of applications/correspondence.
When professional vacancies occur, paper copies of Job Vacancies are distributed to all Ware County Schools as well as to the Ware County Transportation Department.  Copies of Job Vacancies are also posted outside the Personnel Office in the Ware County Board of Education at 1301 Bailey Street in Waycross, GA.  They are also posted on the Teachgeorgia website.
Screening and Selection Activities
Applications currently on file are reviewed and screened by the Director of Human Resources to determine eligibility for a professional certificate and qualifications for openings applied.  As a general rule, the principal selects applicants to be contacted for interviews or requests assistance from the Director of Human Resources.
Interviews are either set up by the Personnel Office or directly by the school site. Other supporting staff such as assistant principals, department heads or teachers may be involved as the need dictates. General interviews are not usually granted. Interviews will be scheduled for existing vacancies with selected individuals only.
Written recommendations must be submitted to the Personnel Office by all involved in the interview.  Based on these recommendations and background information including reference forms, work record and certification eligibility, a final recommendation is made to the superintendent for employment by the Board of Education. The applicant is notified of contract offer and necessary paperwork is prepared.
At the time of the contract offer, a criminal background check (fingerprinting) is initiated and each individual meets with the Personnel and Payroll Departments to review the new employee packet for completion of necessary paperwork.
Applications are maintained on the website by job posting for easy retrieval.
Communication indicating a position has been filled is provided to applicants who have been interviewed.
Online Fingerprinting Information
Click here for online fingerprinting registration screen.  Once at the Cogent Systems website, click on the Single Applicant Registration.  You will then begin filling in information.  For those who are applying for jobs with the Ware County Board of Education, your ORI is GA930190Z.  Your verification code is:  930190Z.  All codes are case sensitive.  Must use all capital letters.  When choosing REASON you will select: Public Schools-Classified Employment. TEACHERS choose Public Schools-Certified Employees  The cost is $52.75 that can be paid online by credit or debit cards.  If you do not pay online you must bring a money order made out to Cogent Systems for $52.75.  Do not put a check in the box where it asks if another agency will make a determination. 
After you finish your registration, print a copy of the form and take it with you to Pak Mail, 2488 Memorial Drive, Waycross, GA; this is important because it has your confirmation number on it and Mr. David Dowling will need that to pull up your registration.  The telephone number for Pak Mail is:  912-338-9293.
For those individuals who do not have internet access you may call Cogent Systems directly at 1-888-439-2512 on Mondays-Fridays from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time and they will register you.  It is extremely important for you to remember to ask for your confirmation number and take that with you when you go and get fingerprinted.  
To view a copy of the current salary schedule, please click here.
Local Supplement:  The Ware County Board of Education pays a local supplement to all certified employees. Teachers who are assigned responsibilities in addition to regular classroom duties are compensated by an additional local supplement.
Cafeteria Plan:  All employees are eligible for a program sanctioned by law and defined under IRS Code Section 125 that enables individuals to pay for certain payroll-deducted benefits with non-taxable dollars instead of after-tax wages. All employees are eligible for a program sanctioned by law and defined under IRS Code Section 125 that enables individuals to pay for certain payroll-deducted benefits with non-taxable dollars instead of after-tax wages.
Sick Leave:  Certified employees are entitled to annual sick leave earned on the basis of 1 and ¼ days per month. Unused sick leave can be carried over from year to year for a total accumulation of 45 days. Sick leave can be used for personal illness, for physical disability, or for acute illness or death in the immediate family.
Sick Leave Bank:  Employees are eligible to join the sick leave bank after 1 year of employment. Up to 60 days annually of paid leave is available for serious illness/injury or temporary personal disability.
Professional Leave/Personal Leave:  All employees of the Ware County Board of Education earn professional leave and/or personal leave annually for approved reasons. Certificated employees are eligible for three days of personal leave annually which is deducted from earned sick leave.

Teacher Retirement: 
Certified personnel and some classified staff are required by state law to participate in the Georgia Teacher Retirement System. The retirement system is funded by contributions from individual teachers (6%) as well as contributions from the Ware County Board of Education (13.15%). Retirement benefits are computed based on the number of years of service and maximum salary while teaching.  Benefits from the Teacher Retirement System are calculated as follows:  a percentage, provided by law (currently 2.00%) is multiplied by the years of creditable service (not to exceed 40 years).  This product is then multiplied by the average monthly salary for the highest twenty-four consecutive months of service.  Should the teacher retire with less than 30 years of creditable service and before reaching the age of 62, the benefit will be reduced by 0.25% for each month the teacher is under age 62.  For more information including retirement calculations contact
Social Security:  All employees of the Ware County School System contribute to Social Security and are eligible for benefits. Contributions are paid by the employees (7.65%) and matched by the Ware County Board of Education. Benefit payments are awarded for retirement and/or disability. Survivor benefits are paid in case of death.
Transportation, Meals and Lodging Reimbursement: Transportation for mileage incurred during a system approved activity will be reimbursed at the state approved rate. Transportation by common carrier (i.e., plane, train, bus etc.) shall be allowed only with prior written approval of the Superintendent.  Meal reimbursement will be allowed when overnight travel is required.  A cap of $28 per day for three meals is allowed.  Single meal reimbursement is set at  $6 for breakfast, $7 for lunch and $15 for dinner.  High cost areas in Georgia (Atlanta, Augusta, Brunswick and Savannah) allow meal reimbursement of up to $36 a day with individual meal allowances of $7 for breakfast, $9 for lunch and $20 for dinner.  Lodging expenses are reimbursed plus certain hotel taxes with receipt.  A tax-exempt form is required when checking into Georgia hotels/motels to avoid taxes being charged to the individual.
Alternative Routes for Teacher Certification
The Georgia Teacher Alternative Preparation Program (GATAPP) is a classroom-based teacher preparation option for individuals who already have a bachelor's degree and meet other specific guidelines.  For a thorough explanation of the program click GATAPP
The One Year Supervised Practicum (OYSP) is a critical pedagogical component of the PSC test-based certification option, as well as an option for individuals who have completed all the requirements in a preparation program except student teaching.  For a thorough explanation of the program click OYSP
Individuals retiring or leaving military employment may be interested in financial incentives offered by Troops to Teachers.  For information and application for Troops to Teachers click TROOPS
The Ware County School System considers candidates with a non-renewable certificates in critical fields of teaching.  
Georgia Certification Instructions
The Professional Standards Commission considers an application package complete when all required documents and fees have been received.   Every application package requires the completed (front and back) PSC Application.   Additional forms/materials selected from the list below may also be required depending on the certificate you are requesting.  Please see the personnel office for assistance.
·         The Program Recommendation Form - Include this form if you have completed a state-approved educator preparation program in any state.   The form, to be filled out by the college's certification official, indicates that ALL requirements (including any appropriate state assessments) at that institution have been completed.  Not required if higher degree is in same field as current certificate.

·         Employer's Assurance Form - It is mandatory to include this form (obtained from your Georgia employer) if you are currently employed with a Georgia public or private school system/agency.  The form is used to verify your employment status (which may indicate fee exemption) and to request conditional (provisional, probationary, emergency) certification and for renewal of current certificates.

·         Experience Verification Form - Include this form, completed by your current or previous school system/agency employer, to verify educational experience.  Specific uses for the form are printed on the top of the form contained in this package.
·         Official Transcripts - Include official transcripts from ALL colleges or universities attended (with the registrar's signature and the official school seal), or indicate they are being sent under separate cover.  You should also include transcripts for any Georgia staff development credit requested from your Georgia employer.  Applications with unofficial transcripts will not be processed.  Note:  If your academic record includes high school transcripts (vocational fields) or college credit earned outside of the United States, please contact the Certification Section for special instructions at (404) 657-9000, (800) 869-7775, or
·         Out-of-State Certificates - If you have been certified/licensed in another state, the District of Columbia, a U.S. territory, the Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DODDS), or the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), attach front and back copies of any certificates/licenses you hold or held.  Interpretation of any special codes used on the certificate must be attached.
·         Assessment Score Reports - If you have passed a content/subject matter assessment(s) in another state required for certification in that state, attach score reports for the assessment(s).  If score reports are unavailable, attach documentation from the state certifying authority verifying that you have passed that state's required content/subject matter assessment(s) for professional certification.
·         Certification Fees - Fees for certification ($20 per transaction) must be in the form of a cashier's check or money order payable to the State of Georgia.  Cash and personal checks will not be accepted.  Evaluations require a $20 fee per field.  Write your name and Social Security Number on the face (front) of the check.
You are exempt from paying the fee for the following if you are employed in a Georgia school system/agency as verified by the superintendent or designee on the Employer's Assurance Form: (1) Your FIRST Georgia certificate; (2) upgrading to a higher certificate level; (3) adding a professional (clear renewable) certificate field; (4) converting from a conditional to a clear renewable certificate field; and (5) renewing/reinstating a clear renewable certificate field.  You are also EXEMPT from paying the fee for a name change or for the FIRST Georgia certificate if you have completed an approved education preparation program from a GEORGIA college.
Note: Please complete all forms legibly in black ink.  The name and address section should be competed in ALL CAPS.  Be sure to completely fill in all appropriate bubbles.
All submitted materials become the property of the PSC and cannot be returned.  Contact:
For information on instruction, benefits, schools, staff development and information on graduate programs offered locally through Valdosta State University, please check the department page.  For information on Georgia Public School Recruitment Services, check the Teacher Resource page.

Substitute Teacher


Go to the Online Job Center and create your user account and then click on Sub Teacher and complete an application.  Some people think that they have completed an application when they complete the user account; this is not the case.  You need to complete the application, and click on SAVE and SUBMIT in order to complete your application for Sub Teacher.

Please stop by the Human Resources Department to pick up a Substitute Pre-Hire Packet .

You will need to send a copy of the reference form to two people either by emailing them as you complete your application or you can send a copy to them by mail.  Please ask them to send the completed forms to: Janice Cribbs, Ware County Board of Education, 1301 Bailey Street, Waycross, GA  31501. 


Steps to Applying for a Substitute Teaching Position in Ware County Schools

1.      First apply online through the Ware County Online Job Center

2.      Print two copies of the Applicant Reference form from the Personnel webpage and have the people who complete them return the Reference forms to Janice Cribbs, Ware BOE Personnel Department, 1301 Bailey Street, Waycross, GA  31501.  I

3.   Drop by the Board Office to pick up a substitute packet with pre-hire paperwork.  Fingeprint instructions are also included in the packet. 

5.      Attend a Substitute Teacher Training Workshop at Okefenokee RESA (1405 N. Augusta Avenue; Waycross, GA) from 8:30 – 12:00.   Please call RESA for date of next training at 912-283-6151.  The workshop cost is $25 and must be paid to OK RESA by cash or money order on the day of the workshop.  

      Make sure you sign in at RESA. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PRE REGISTER WITH RESA.

6.      After you complete the workshop, bring a copy of your Sustitute Workshop Certificate by the board office

7.      After all new-hire paperwork and fingerprints have been completed, your name will be presented to the board.

8.   After board approval, Eugenia Dixon in the payroll department will send you information about our SUB AESOP program.  For more information, contact


Substitute Pay Rates:

High School Diploma or Associates Degree                    $55.00 per day

Bachelor's or Master's Degree                                         $60.00 per day

Certified Teacher  or  Teacher with Expired License       $65.00 per day

Long Term Substitute (Certified Teachers Only)             $100.00 per day   (Valid Teaching Certificates ONLY

General Information for Substitutes

1.      You will be paid at the end of each month.

2.      You are only paid for the months you work, so you will not receive summer pay, unless you worked late in May, then you will receive a check at the end of June for those days.

3.      A substitute is an “on-call”  “as-needed” position and for those reasons, does not qualify you for unemployment benefits during educational breaks, like during the summer, etc.

4.      It is your responsibility to keep your contact information up-to-date.  If the schools cannot contact you, you will lose opportunities to work.

An Equal Opportunity Employer, The Ware County Board of Education does not discriminate in the educational and employment policies under which it operates and will honor all appropriate laws relating to discrimination.