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 Create a link to Infinite Campus on your desktop:  Open the Infinite Campus link (above).  BEFORE you log in, click File, Send, Shortcut to Desktop.  A link to Infinite Campus will be placed on your desktop.

Ware County Technology Department Infinite Campus Forms
These forms are organized by Index Item found in Infinite Campus. 
According to the particular access granted to each user, some of the Index items may be unavailable.


Instructions/How-to Video

Student Information



Teachers:  Taking Attendance.

How to view up-to-date grades and course attendance for students



Video:  How to Add Emergency Contact Information

Video:  How to Change Phone Number

Printing Mailing Labels by Grade.


Video:  How to Enter a Behavior Event




Video:  How to Monitor whether Attendance has been Taken

Attendance Clerks (Middle and High School):  Taking Attendance for, students that are tardy, students that leave early.  Also how to enter excuses and take attendance for a class with a substitute.

Attendance Clerks:  Taking Attendance when a Teacher is Out



Enrolling Students

Video:  How to Withdraw a Student

Moving students within a school...from one homeroom to another.

Printing ROSTERS by Grade and by Course/Section.


Grade Book

Teacher Grade book Video (approx. 16 min)

Grade book PDF: This pdf provides a brief overview for each tab in the new grade book.

Grading and Standards


Grade Book Features:

Color-coded cumulative score:  This feature allows the teacher to see the students who are passing/failing at a glance.
Click Course/Section.  Click Grade book.  Above "Hide/Show Grade Totals", click Options and click the box beside, Show Cut Score Color Coding.
Average Score for a particular assignment: 
In the grey section of the grade book, point to (hover over) the assignment abbreviation.  The Name, Total points, Average Score, and Due date will appear.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Ad Hoc Reporting - non-specific group
Ad Hoc Reporting - specific group

Creating a Form Letter to be used with a group.
Creating a Form Letter with Sub Reports to be used as a Withdrawal Form.

Exporting an Ad Hoc query to Microsoft Excel.

User Communication


System Administration


Food Service






GA State Reporting


Account Settings

Changing a Password

Access Log


Log Off


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Sandbox PORTAL:  https://campus.ware.k12.ga.us/sandbox/portal/sandbox.jsp
This is a practice site ONLYDO NOT go into this site unless you are in a training session.

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