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Third Annual Ware County Student Technology Competition Held at Waycross Middle School

The Ware County Media Specialists recently hosted the 3rd Annual Ware County Student Technology Competition at Waycross Middle School. With over 200 students competing in 12 different categories, the technology competition drew even more students than past years. Competition categories included 3-D modeling, animation, audio production, device modification, digital game design, digital photo production, graphic design, Internet application, multimedia applications, productivity design, robotics, and video production. Community members from local organizations, businesses, and schools volunteered their morning to judge the technology projects for the 134 teams.


Belinda Grantham, parent from Williams Heights Elementary School, stated, “As a parent, Randy and I were proud to watch Anniston and Annslee Kate compete at Ware County’s Student Technology Competition. The teachers at Williams Heights challenged the students to achieve their best. Thank you to the media specialists, Waycross Middle School, and the volunteers for promoting a very organized and successful district technology competition. It was a great experience.”


Media Specialist Jessica Cox stated, “It is exciting to see what the students of Ware County are doing with technology!  With the STEM initiative in Ware County, the Ware County Media Specialists feel this is an excellent opportunity for our students to showcase their talents!


The Ware County Media Specialists would like to extend a special thank you to all the judges, volunteers, and sponsors, without whom the Ware County District Tech Fair would not have been possible. Sponsors included McVeigh’s Collision Center, Pope Concrete Pools, Coastal Pines Technical College, Chick-fil-A, Brantley King - Compass 360, and United 1st Federal Credit Union, and Carter Signs.


Individual winners include:

3D Modeling

3rd/4th grade 1st Place: Hunter McMichael and Jarrett Sutton (Ruskin)

3rd/4th grade 2nd Place: M’ciah Muchison and Colton Miller (Waresboro)

3rd/4th grade 3rd Place: Atleigh Patterson and Cadence Turner (Waresboro)

5th/6th grade 1st Place: Rikayah Youngblood (Waycross Middle)

5th/6th grade 2nd Place: Amiyah Elam (Waycross Middle)

5th/6th grade 3rd Place: Cole Brantley and Logan Christensen (Waycross Middle)

7th/8th grade 1st Place: Elijah Morris and Noah Cook (Waycross Middle)

7th/8th grade 2nd Place: Jaleeha Cobb and Demonte Taylor (Waycross Middle)

7th/8th grade 3rd Place: Landon Sikes (Waycross Middle)



3rd/4th grade 1st Place: JV Manabat and Will Hines (Williams Heights)

3rd/4th grade 2nd Place: Brody Sowell (Wacona)

3rd/4th grade 3rd Place: Cade Otts and Jacob Page (Waresboro)

5th/6th grade 1st Place: Alexis Wilson and Madison McLendon (Ruskin)

5th/6th grade 2nd Place: Gavin Batson and Kameron Lane (Waresboro)

5th/6th grade 3rd Place: Grayson Thomas and Jayden Boggs (Ware Middle)

7th/8th grade 1st Place: Candance Lanning (Ware Middle)

7th/8th grade 2nd Place: Micha Manabat (Waycross Middle)

9th/10th grade 1st Place: Ruby Lefand and Sophia Choudhri (Ware High)

9th/10th grade 2nd Place: Diana Eaves (Ware High)

11th/12th grade 1st Place: Ethan Tatum (Ware High)


Audio Production

3rd/4th Grade 1st Place: Carter Hanchey and Lucas Tuten (Waresboro)


Device Modification

3rd/4th Grade 1st Place: Caden Musgrove (Waresboro)


Digital Game Design

3rd/4th grade 1st Place: Jasmine Mitchell (Center)

3rd/4th grade 2nd Place: Liam Crosby (Williams Heights)

3rd/4th grade 3rd Place: Rudra Patel and Quincy Williams (Memorial Drive)

5th/6th grade 1st Place: Cason Zachary (Ware Middle)

5th/6th grade 2nd Place: Luke Hooks and Jonathan Musgrove (Wacona)

5th/6th grade 3rd Place: Olivia Sanders (Wacona)

7th/8th grade 1st Place: Luis Fernandez (Waycross Middle)

7th/8th grade 2nd Place: Juleal White (Waycross Middle)

7th/8th grade 3rd Place: Valec Fox and Matthew Seebran (Waycross Middle)


Digital Photo Production

3rd/4th grade 1st Place: Isaac Musgrove (Wacona)

3rd/4th grade 2nd Place: Ryan Haley (Center)

3rd/4th grade 3rd Place: Chrishaud Banfield and Marcus Howard (Ruskin)

5th/6th grade 1st Place: Isabelle Lefand and Grace Christopher (Waycross Middle)

5th/6th grade 2nd Place: Shelby Hendrix (William Heights)

5th/6th grade 3rd Place: Mason Tyre and Zaylen Oliver (Wacona)

7th/8th grade 1st Place: Claire Ponciano (Waycross Middle)

7th/8th grade 2nd Place: Molly Oglesby and Alaura Whittington (Waycross Middle)

7th/8th grade 3rd Place: Cooper Hay (Ware Middle)

11th/12th Grade 1st Place: Kehleh Davis (Ware High)


Graphic Design

3rd/4th grade 1st Place: Titi Lola Layeni (Wacona)

3rd/4th grade 2nd Place: Ethan Taft (Williams Heights)

3rd/4th grade 3rd Place: Collin Perritt (Waresboro)

5th/6th grade 1st Place: Ayesha Patel and Chloe Rogers (Ruskin)

5th/6th grade 2nd Place: Quiara Jenkins (Waycross Middle)

7th/8th grade 1st Place: Ashleigh Allen (Waycross Middle)

9th/10th Grade 1st Place: Maria Manabat (Ware High)


Internet Application

3rd/4th grade 1st Place: Tessa Dial (Wacona)

3rd/4th grade 2nd Place: Lillie Livingston and Ryleigh Simpson (Waresboro)

5th/6th grade 1st Place: Kaleigh Joiner (Ware Middle)

5th/6th grade 2nd Place: Haleigh Cox and Lainee Brook Howell (Memorial Drive)

5th/6th Grade 3rd Place: Darby King (Wacona)

7th/8th grade 1st Place: DeNasia Thomas (Ware Middle)

11th/12th Grade 1st Place: Alyssa Lanier  (Ware High)


Multimedia Applications

3rd/4th grade 1st Place: Madison Bryant (Ruskin)

3rd/4th grade 2nd Place: Hannah Davis (Waresboro)

3rd/4th grade 3rd Place: Ashtin-Lynn Walton (Waresboro)

5th/6th grade 1st Place: Reid Kirkland and Evan Joiner (Memorial Drive)

5th/6th grade 2nd Place: Lillian Gregory (Ware Middle)


Productivity Design

3rd/4th grade 1st Place: Ella Beth Cox (Williams Heights)

3rd/4th grade 2nd Place: Isaac Armstrong and Christian Martinez (Ruskin)

3rd/4th grade 3rd Place: McKenna Head and Abigail Head (Waresboro)

5th/6th grade 1st Place: Cole Cox (Williams Heights)



3rd/4th grade 1st Place: Emmlelee Haddock (Center)

3rd/4th grade 2nd Place: Vinnie Kerch and Ashlynn Jacobs (Wacona)

3rd/4th grade 3rd Place: Asher Dean and Amarion Dennard (Waresboro)

5th/6th grade 1st Place: Cody Gay and Evan Pearson (Wacona)

5th/6th grade 2nd Place: Zachary Walker and Landon Smart (Waycross Middle)


Video Production

3rd/4th grade 1st Place: Olivia Ray (Wacona)

3rd/4th grade 2nd Place: Bailey Denton (Waresboro)

3rd/4th grade 3rd Place: Hannah Holmes (Center)

5th/6th grade 1st Place: Anniosn Grantham (Williams Heights)

5th/6th grade 2nd Place: Summer Howard and Desiree Foster (Wacona)

5th/6th grade 3rd Place: Molly Smith (Memorial Drive)

7th/8th grade 1st Place: Gavin Harris and Arthur Kallay (Waycross Middle)

7th/8th grade 2nd Place: Abby Head (Waycross Middle)



Pictured are winning students from Ruskin Elementary.

Front row (left to right) Media Specialist Tonya Dixon, Isaac A., Chrishaud B., Ayesha P., Jarrett S. , Madison B., back row (left to right) Chloe R., Alexis W., Hunter M., Madison M., and Gifted Teacher Libby Trogdon


Ruskin Elementary Tech Comp Winners

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